BOND of Daniel Brewster & Thomas Helme - 28 November 1749

Know all men by thefe prefents that I Daniel Brewfter of Brookhaven in the County of Suffolk and province of new york am held and firmly bound unto Thomas Hellms of the town county and province abov Said in the full and Juft Som of five hondred pounds Current Lawful money of new york to be paid unto the Said Thomas Hellms his heires guars admrs or any of them and to the true parformanc herof I do hereby bind my Selfe my heires guars admrs and Every of them firmly by thefe prefents Sealed with my Seal and dated this 28 day of november ano que Dom 1749.

This Condition of the above obligation is Such that wherareas Thomas Hellms Deceaft, Father of the above named, Thomas Hellms, did make and give a deed of Sail in Company and Joyntly and Severally with his Brother--William Hellms for a Certain Lot of Land known by the name of the Long Lots and Eaft divifion near the Waiding River nomber Ninteen unto Thomas Saint which deed baring date July 16 day 1726 and by virtu of that deed Thomas Saint conveyes the Loot ninteen to William Sell by deed baring date January Sixth day 1726/7 and by virtu of that deed William Sell Conveyes the Loot ninteen to John Smith of Stony Brook within this township this deed baring date July 26th day 1746 and allso making a deed to the above bound on Daniel Brewster this deed baring date may 28th day 1747 and by virtue John Smiths deed and this deed given him claimes a right to the Loot or valu of it which Loot being Claimed and pofesd by other hath afked Thomas Hellms for pay for one halfe of Said Loot number 19 and Thomas Hellms aforesaid hath agreed with him and payd to Said Daniel Brewfter the sum of four pounds Curent mony of new york for which the above bound Daniel Brewfter asknowledges him Self fully Satisfied and paid and if the Said Daniel Brewfter his heires guars and admrs Shall forever keep harmles the Said Thomas Hellms his heires guars and admrs from all trouble or Charges or demands whatsoever Either of himselfe or any other deeds from any that may arife any trouble by virue of that deed firft mentioned that his father Thomas Hellms, Decaft gave in Company with his Brother William Hellms and in So forever keeping the Said Thomas Hellms his heires guars and admrs clere of all Charges and trouble the above obligation to be void and of none Effort other wife to be and remain in full for and virtue in Law in witnefs wherof I have hereunto set my hand this day a bov writen

Daniel Brewfter

Signed Sealed and Delivered
In prefents of us
Andrew Miller
Noah Hallock