BROOKHAVEN TOWN RECORDS - BOOK A 1657-1679 1790-1798


Mount Sinai Harbor, formerly the "Ould Mans"

"On the north shore of Brookhaven there are several fine bays and harbors, namely, Mount Sinai Harbour, formerly Ould Mans; Port Jefferson Bay, formerly Drowned Meadow; a part of Stony Brook Harbor; Setauket Harbour, formerly Cromwell Bay; Conscience Bay and Flax Pond Bay--these last two still retaining their original English names.

Along the north shore there are five capes or points--Cranes' Neck, Old Field, Mt. Misery, Dyers Neck and Little Neck.

On March 1, 1664-5, Governor Nicholl called the Hempstead Convention. Among other acts of this convention, was one which erected Long Island and Staten Island into a shire called Yorkshire, like the one England, after which it was named, was divided into three court districts called "Ridings". What is now Suffolk County was the East Riding of Yorkshire. This term occurs a number of times in the Town Records up to the Fall of 1683.

On August 25, 1683, Col. Thomas Dongan arrived as Governor of New York. Among his first acts was one granting the people the right to elect an assembly with representatives to aid in the government of the Province. On November lst, this assembly abolished the three Ridings of Yorkshire and organized the original counties of New York--Suffolk County taking the place of the East Riding but retaining the same townships. It was during this time that Dongan was governor, that Brookhaven as well as other Towns were forced to buy new patents. Brookhaven had hers issued on December 27th, 1686. The Patent provides that seven trustees should be elected annually on the first Tuesday of May and of the first man chosen should be the president of them."

Presidents of the trustees:
Thomas Helme 1694, 1695, 1698

Supervisors of the Town (of which there is any record)
Thomas Helme 1694

Town Clerks - from the time of the Dongan Patent:
Thomas Helme 1687

Book A Part I. 1657 to 1679

Mayhew Sechem of Seatalket doth freely give and Surrender unto the Commity of Connecticut appointed for Settleing of Business on Long Island. For the use of the Town of Seatalk the feed and Timber of all the Lands from the Old mans to the Wadeing River as witness my hand this 10 of June. 1664.

John Cooper							
Richard Howell				Mayhew  	X	his mark

Massetewse And the Sunke Squaw Native proprietors and owners of all the land belonging to the trackte of land Comonley Cauled the oluld manes doe freely and absoltewtely sell and will defend the title to the Inhapitants of Setawke and there Succesore for ever for and in Considerration of a Certaine vallew of goods here under written to be delivered within one munth after the date hereof as witness our hands this 10 June 1664.

Signed in the				Massetewse X his marke
Psense of vs
John Cooper
Richard howell				The Sunke Squaw X her marke

Fowre Cotes: fowre payre of Stockings: (pipkin of powere tow bares of led- Six howse (=hoes) tenn hachets and tenn kniues more Sixe Cotes: 4 Sherts: 3 (peckes) Kettels

Page 14 [28]
17 Sep 1674 At a Town Meeting
It was futher Voted and agred upon that Nathaniel Norton Shall have that piece of Meadow lying Near to Mount misery House with 3 pole to upland by the Side of the Meadow for Clapboarding and Shingleing of the Meeting House he finding Clapboards and Shingles.

Page 28 [34]
3 April 1671
John Thomas have Sold unto Richard Floyd thirty four acres of land at the ould mans in consideratons that the sayed Richard Floyd is to give a white face cow and the said John Thomas is to pay half the Reate to the Minister and to have half the commonage belong to a Single lot

Observation: The above entry is the first mention of the property in Miller Place owned by the Helme's for eight generations.

Page 49
5 December 1676
Richard Floyd have Sold William Jayne Half Accommodations that he had of old John Thomas being 34 acres lying at the old Mans near the Swamp with a helf Share of Meadow at Mastick at the South and half of the tenth lot about the great fly at the old purchase and half a Share of Meadow upon the old man beach with all Commonage belonging to the half lot......

Page 45 [53]
20 January 1677
John Thomas have Sold a share of Meadow upon the old mans beach to Thomas Helmes

Page 44 [52]
14 July 1677
William Jayne have exchanged that half allotment being 17 acres at the old Mans that he and Thomas Helmes bought of Richard Floyd this he Exchanged with Thomas Helmes for half that home lot was was Robert Woollys Joyning to Thomas Ward that is to Say Thomas Helmes is to have and to hold that 34 acres wholly at the old mans that they bought of Richard Floyd and William Jayne is to have and to hold all that home lot that was Robert Woolys adjoining to Thomas Ward, Memorandum that Thomas Helmes is to be the Same previldge in the half the home lot until this time twelve Month as he had formerly

Book A Part II

The Dongan Patent 1686 - Page 64
...."And for the Better Execution of this Grant in his Behalf I have Assigned Nominated Executed Constitued and Made: and By these presents do Assign Nominated Executed Constitued and Make, John Palmer Richard Woodhull Samuel Ebern Andrew Gibb Wm Saterly Thomas Janner and Thomas Helme to Stand and Be the first Moderen Trustees of the Freeholders and Commonality of the Town of Brookhaven To Coninue in the aforesaid Office from and after the Date of these Presentss until the Time that Others be Elected and Chosen in the Stead.........."

5 April 1796
At a meeting of the freeholders & Inhabitants of the Town of Brookhaven held this 5th day of April 1796 Being Town meeting Day the following:
Caleb Helm - overseers of Highway

(Note: Same for the year 1797.)