Mai 31, 1678
Then Reseved by way of execution upon the effects of Thomas Thorp one oxe called gaulden 07--0--00 one cow called bery 04--10--00
For the use of Richard wodhull Juniour 06--13--04
For court charg at southampton 02--11--04
With the aturnes fee 00--10--00
To John Thomas twenty shillens 01--00--00
To William osburn 00--10--00 with asksedentall charges 00--05--04
By me Thomas Helme

1 day ockt 1679
the inhabettents that drew for 50 aker lotts
Thomas Helme - 1 blanke

Observation: Believe Thomas Helme did not receive acreage as he drew a blank piece of paper.

Page 7 (18)
7 day ockto 1679
william Jane have sould his pece of land to nat norten that he brought of John Thomas that lieth by the watter side north of the hi way aJoynening to the foresaide northern land with the house that stands upon it only the sayde Jane is take away all that is within the house and in consideration of same the said nathanell norton dother ingaege to pay or cause to be payde the Just some of twentty five pounds..............

Page 7 (20)
23 ockt 1679
william Jane have sould and eckchanged the tenn akers home lott that was John Thomesses lying betwene Nathanell nortens and William Janes this land he sould to Thomas helmes from him and his haires to Thomas helmes and his haires to haue and to hould for ever the whoele home lott more or les

Page 11 (24)
27 ockto 1679 (this entry was later null & void)
These present showeth that Thomas helmes doth ingaege to william Jane to shingle his house that is now to be built by John michell of huntonton akording to the demenchonas alsoe the sayde helmes doth ingaege to clapboard the sayde house and to doe it suffissiantly the sayde helmes is to fiend all shingle and carting three foote shingles thre double and the sayde Jane is to fiend clapboard and carting to place and nails for both shingle and clapbord and in consideration of the same thee sayde willia(m) Jane for himselve and his haires or assignes doth give sell and allinate tenn akers of land of his fiftene aker lott in gorges neck that is to say all the Rest of the 15 akers of land more or less Mr. Smith leues of his 5 akers with a qarter acomodations through out and prevedges belonging to it this the sayde Jane doth giue and sell to the aboue say helmes for the sabot sayd shingle and clapbording to him his haires or assaignes to haue and to hould for ever. (Later made null and void)

Page 34 (56)
24 novemb 1680
Nat Norton of setauk alles brookhaven sold 50 akers at ould mans to Andrew gibb

Signed Nat Norton
Mary Norton

Page 68 (103)
18th day of februry 1681
These presents wittnesseth that Thomas Helmes doth ingaege to aReckt and buld a suffissiant frame of a house akording to the dementions for lenkth and bredth of John woods house with a leanto of one siede of it this to be bult for John Roe upon land neere drowned medow as alsoe the aboue saide John Roe is to help the halue to get and shaued shingle clapbord fitt to lay on them the saide helmes is to naile them on both shingell and clapbord

Believed to be the extreme left section of the Roe House, Port Jefferson, NY"

Page 69
And the saide John Roe is to bring all to place and in concideration of the aboue saide the aboue saide John Roe doth giue for his selue and his haires fifteen akers of land unto the aboue saide Thomas helmes and his haires to haue and to hould for ever this 15 akers lyeth by Thomas helmes and Andrew miller number 4 and this aboue saide land is for payment for the foremenchoned hous: and further Thomas helmes is to sett up a catted chimnie in the aboue saide house and John Roe is to giue tenn schillens for the same and this aboue saide house to be sett up and finish what he haue to doe at or before the 5 of November next ensueing the date hereof

26 February 1681/0John Thomas hauv sould to John Besweck a whoele acomadtions of comeneg that did belong to Thomas helmes lott for and in concideration that the saide John Besweck doth forthwith deliver a cow and a calue that Jonathan Roese brought from Southamption

2 July 1681
This Indenture made the second day of July anno domeny 1681 betweene William Jane of the one part and Thomas Helmes of the other partie both of brookhaven in the est Rieding of new york on the long Island wittnesseth that the said Thomas Helms for the in concideration of full satisfaction all Redy in hand Reseused before the ensealing and delivery of these presents from the said William Jane where of the said Thomas Helms doth acknowleg the Resaite and there of doth clearly aquit the said William Jane his haires and asaigns for ever by these presents hath giuen granted bargened and sould allinatted and confermned unto the saide William Jane his haires and assings for ever all his Right title and interest in the allotment which the said Thomas helms bought of Robert woolly southhamption with all the singular y* profits prevedges & inlargments of land thereunto belonging together with the deeds evidences and Records concerning the before bargened premesses to haue and to hould the sayde land being halve an allotment wiht the apurttenanses and every part and parsell there of to the use and behoofe of the said William Jane his haires and assignes for ever akording to the true intenet aand purpose of thes presents without any lett hingerence or molestation from the saide Thomas helmes or any by his meanes or procurement in wittnes where of the said Thomas helmes haue here unto sett his hand an seale the day and yeare aboue mentened.

Thomas Helmes with a seal
Saigned Sealled and delivered in the
Presents of us John Tooker Samuel barber

2 July 1681
This Indenture made the second day of July anno domeny 168 between William Jane of brookehaven on long Island in the est Rieding of nue yourk of the one party and Thomas Helmes of the same towne of the other partty wittnesseth that the said William Jane for and in concideration in hand all Redy Reseused before the ensealing and delivery of these presents from the said Thomas helmes where of the said William jane doth acknoleg the Resaite and thereof doth clearly aquitt and discharge the said Thomas helmes his haires and asaignes for ever by these presents hath giue grant bargen allinatted and confermn unto the saide Thomas helmes his haires and assignes for ever all his Right title and interest in the allotment of which the said William jane brought of Richard floyde being formerly the allotment of ould John Thomas with all the singular y* profits prevedges & enlargments of land thereunto belonging together with the deeds evidences and Records concerning the forebargened premesses to haue and to hould the sayde land being halve an allotment with the apurttenanses and every part and parsell thereof with the apurttenanses to the use of behoofe of the said Thomas helmes his haires and assinges for ever akording to the true intent and purpose of these presents without any lett hingerence or mollestation from the siade william Jane or any by his meanes or procurement in whittnes where of the said William Jane haue here unto sett his hand and seale the day and yeare aboue menchoned.

William W I Jane with a seale mark

sealled saigned and delivered
in the presence of
John Tooker Samuel barber

26 July 1681
Know all men by these present that I William Jane of brookhaven on long Island in the est Rieding of nue yourk for an in concideration of full sattrisfaction by me all Redy Reseued from Thomas helmes of the same towne where with I confess my selft to be full satisfied contensted and paide hauve bargened and sould and by these present doe fully clearly and absollutly giue grant alien and conferm unto the said Thomas helmes his hairs and asaignes for ever all the house lott that the said william Jane bouth part of John Thomas and part of m* Josiah hubart of est Hampton with every part and parsell there of containing tenn akers more or less being bounded by nathanell nortens lot on the south siede and william Janes lott on the north together with all the deedes evidence and records concerning the same of haue and to hould the saide land with all the appurtenances to the a proper use and behoofe of the said Thomas helmes his haires and asaignes for ever akording to the true intent and purpose of these presents without any lett hingerenece or molestation from me the saide william Jane or any by my meanes or procurement in wittnes where I sett my hand and seale the day and yeare aboue menchoned

William W I Jane with a seale mark
Sealed saigned and delivered in
The pressens of
John Tooker samuell barber

26 sept 1681
a towne meett called by the adviese of the naybering townes for the choyse of two debetis where upon there was two debutes chosen by voete namely william Satterly and Thomas helmes to meete at Hungtinton upon wendsday the 28 of this present month to concider with the deputas of other Townes to make a adres to the sides for the publick good

19 Sept 1682
I John TomSon of Setaukett alles brookhaven in the est Rieding of yoursheere on long Island blacksmith....sould unto Abraham Hawke of Southhampton....that neck of land comanly call and knowne by the name of mount misery neck sittiuat lying and being eastward of drowned medow harbor in the bound of the said setaukett as it fall to me by lott and is number fower and it lyeth for fifty akers of land by the same more or be it less as it is bounded south by a lott number fiue (changed to three) now in the possession of Thomas helmes....

Page 150 (217)
6 day of Jenury 1684
At a towne meeting the lawes was Red to the towne that was don by the Representitins in the yeare 1683
There was voete for ceping the hogs in the comen and agred upon soe the ceepe from dameg
It was also voeted and agread upon the Thomas helms is to eriete the lawes above spessified and he is to hauve 25 shillens for his paines

At a towne meeting the 3 day of aperell 1684
There was chosen m. John Tomson constable m. Andrew gibs Jacob longbothem and John Tooker seny comissiners alsos chosen m. Richard wodhull Junior Thomas helms and Thomas Jeners asesore of this towne

2 june 1684
at a towne meeting It was voeted and agreed upon that the Recorder is to Record no leesses or bills fo saele that is bought or Rentted to the Indiens within the limetts of our patten.

It was alsoe voeted and agreed upon that the Indiens shall be sent for to the towne and three or fowr or 5 men shall be chose to speak to the Indiens to make knowne to them ther eror in Rentting or disposing of any land within the bounds that is to say from the middle of the Iland to the sound and from stony brooke to the wading River. It was voeted and gread upojn the Mr. smith seny peter whiethere mr. Joh Tomson Mr. Thomas helmes and liftenent floyde for the ackt in the townes behalf about the Idiens about Rentin of the land and about making sattisfaction for the troble of the towne the same day it was agreed by the constable and the fower men aboue menchoned--that the Ingens after this yeare that doe not belont to this towne shall not plant any more thaire without thay comm to the towne and proue that thay ar Ingens belonging to the town brookhaven____________. It is lickewiese agreed upon that the land the Ingens Improued in the littell neck be survaied and lay out forth with and that wee Impowered mmr. John Tooker seny to survey it and lay it out and we shall beare the sayd mr. Tooker harmless in the behalf of the towne Richard smith Richard floyd petter whietheare Thomas helmes John Tomson cunstable.

Page C

Thomas helmes had 25 akers lay out on the w(ay) goeing to drowned meadow to a great Rock and soutward toward the hy way. the widow fance had a pece of land bounded betweene mr. Smith and peeter whietheres. Mr. bruster had 17 akers lay out by south wa(rd) of Thomas helmes and joyning to william Janes goeing to drowned meadow.

Page 179 [259]
10 of mach 1685
by Reson the towne haue not akording to former boete layd out the ould mans medow to whome it did concern we unmder written did deSire mr Thomas helmes to lay it out akording to Record being chosen the Sevaier of the town for to end further contreverses where upon mr. helmes layd it out akording to Record as followeth John Tooker Junior 1 westward Richard floyd the 2 Thomas helmes the 3 Andrew miller the 4 John Tooker Juner the 5 william Satterly and Thomas helms the 6

Page E
1 June 1685
layed out for mr. wodhull by Thomas helmes at the Wading Rive(r) fifty akers in leu of that which was layded downe at mount miserty and ten akers more which was wantting of his other fifty at the ould mans 60 in all.................

Page 185 [265]
8 Apr 1687
in Presence of Thomas Helme/Mary Helme
Thomas Helme, Clerke

Laide out to Daniel Brewster twenty acres of Lande due by devision to his accommodation in the twenty acre which lyeth on the south side of the hills southward of the old mans path neare a little long Swamp by the first great hill Layd out to Timothy Brewster 20 acres of Land in the saide 20 acres. Divsion due to accommodations on the west sid of Daniel _____ sade Land.
June ye tenth 1689
pr. Thom. Helme Sirveire
Entered pr Timothy Brewster Clerk

Octobr ye 16 1689
Layd out then to John Moshier five acres of land at the East of the old mans meadow reputed Comon land, ffour and a helfe acres of thereabout is bounded on the north by the bank fronting against the old mans harbour. Eastward by a parcel of land reputed Comon Southward by the fifety acrelot of the sd John Moshier westward by the high way leading to the old mans meadow which lygh way if ffour pole wide and the othere helfe acre or thereabout lyeth betweene the old mans meadow and the sd high way.
Entered pr mee Tim Brewster Clrk pr. Me Thomas Helme

Page 183 [263]
9 Dec 1689
Registrd me Tho Helme, Cler.

This Indenture made the twentieth Seventh day of November Anno Dom: 1690 Between John Wood of the Towne of Brookhaven in the County of Suffolk on Long Island in the Province of New yorke on the one parte and Iohn Tompson Junier of the said Towne & County on the other parte Witensseth that the sd Iohn Wood for divers good causes & valuable consideration him hereunto.................Shall come to Towne (this is the designation for Setauket) and the privelidge of the house if the wife of the sd John Wood shall See cause to ly in there Jn Witness whereof the sd John Wood dother hereunto Set his hand & Seale the day above named.
Sealed & delivered John I Wood (his mark)
Jn presence of
Thomas Helme
Mary Helme John Tompson
This Entered ye last day of Aprill 1691
Pr Tim Brewster Clrk

Page 214 [299]
Bee [Id?] it knowne unto all men by these presents greeting to whom it may concerne that I John Tompson of Brookhaven alias Seatawkutt Blacksmith doe Voluntarily & freely by this my deed gift I doe give unto my Son Samuel a fifty acre lott that lyeth in mount Misery numer four as by Record will apeare that was formerly Thomas Smiths & I Exchanged my medow at the westmedow for it before that wee did draw lots for the _______ Thomas Helme on the south side and John Burnet of Southampton on the north side of the old mans.

Page 215
harbour on the East end and on the west the Towns harbour on the west end and alsoe halfe a Sheare of medow lying in Mastick Neck number Six Thomas Helme the other halfe with a halfe comanige that belongs to Henry Brooks halfe a lotment that I bought of sd Brooks Several good Causes & considerations moving mee the saide John Tompson his said father to give grant & freely make over from mee my Eires Esectuors administrators or assigns give unto my well beloved Son Samuel Tompson of Brookhaven.........

At a Towne meeting held on y first day: of June 1691 by Vertue of a warrant from Justice Helme it was agreed upon by y majority of votes, that the Trustees shall agree with Mr. Simpson Minister to continue with us for y in suing yeare & whatsoever the Trustees shall promise to Mr. Simpson for his Encouragement to continue with us owe Minister fo the year insuing the Towne are obliged to stand by and doe agree that it shall be paide by ar rate:
Tim Brewster

May ye 28th 1695 laide out to Hue Mosier about two acres of land bounded at the northwest corner by a rock neer a great Chesnutt tree neer the end of his house and on ur south west corner by a rock neare a Small black oake tree soe running ye lan of the saide Hue Moshiere to his other bound Easterly ye high way to run about the medow 5 pol wide as far as John Moshiers house ad at ye head of the runn thirteen pole wide.
Thomas Helme
Entered pr Tiomothy Brewster Clerke

May ye 31 1694 Layd out to Andrew miller Senr. 20 acres of Land being his propotion in the 20 acre devision due to one of him acomodations which sd Land lyeth NorthEast of his home Lott triangular the North and south lines conteining each: 112 pole the East Line 80 pole pr.
Thomas Helme Surveyer

Page 179 [259]
At a towne meeting held the 29th day of July 1696
Thomas Helms was chosen by the maior vote of the Towne Recorder

May ye 31 1697 Laide out to Andrew Miller Junier 20 acres given by his father due to him in the twenty acre devison for his other acomendation which sd Land Lieth north of his homelot at the reare There of conteing (?) 40 poles on the East and west: lines Each & Eighty poles on the North & south Lines Each savings to Zahariah Hawkins or any other their Right in the old devission per Thomas Helme surveire.
Entered pr mee Tim Brewster Clerk

To all to whom these presents shall come Robert Goldsbery of Brookhaven in the County of Suffolke in the Province of New Yorke.......Jn witness hereof the sd Roberty Goldsbery have hereunto set my hand & seale the twentieth day of march anno Dom one thousand seven hunded and one Robert Goldsbery
March ye 20 1701
The within named Robert Goldsbery acknowledged the
abovewritten Jnstrument to be his Voluntary act & deed
Coram (before) me Tho. Helme Justice

To all to home these present shall come Samuel Smith of smith Toune........Wereof I ye sayd Samuel Smith hauve to these present sett by hand & seal this twenty ninth Daye of march in ye thurd years of her mx. Raine anno Dom: one thousand seven hundred & fowre.
Samuel Smith
Recegnit die & anno pedicto Coram
Mee Tho. Helme

To all to whome these presents shall come Andrew Miller senior Late of Brookehaven in the County of Suffolke--sendeth greeting. Know yee that I the sd Andrew Miller for & In consideration of the Natural affection which J have and doe beare unto my sons John Miller and Samuel Miller and alsoe for acertaine sume of money by the saide John & Samuel Miller well & traly to be paid unto Richard Floyde of Brookehaven.....whearof J the saide Andrew Miller have to these presents set my hand seale this thirteenth day of april anno Dom one thousand seven hundred & six
Andrew Miller
The day & yeare abovesaide Andrew Miller abovesaide
acknowledged the Deed abovewritten to be his free act &
Deed before Thomas Helme one of her Majestyes Justices of the peace in the county of suffolke

In persuence to an order from the trustes for the Layeing out of ten Akers of lande to Richard Miller a pon the Rite of John Davis I hauve layd oute Sd land as followeth five Akkers o ye west(?) side of Andrew millers Bank lot Runing West by ye Bank seueventy pole from ye Banck at ye West Ende ten pole a ye East Ende forlene pole and five Akers o ye Este side of ye hy Waye by Mr. Healmes fifty aker lot being in length North and South forty pole Este and West in breth twenty pole servayed Mee.
April 29th 1713 Thomas Jener Survais
Entered by Daniel Brewster Clerk

Page 252 [344]
22 Desember 1712
(Winess) William Halmes

Page 368 [475]
Whereas there was a highway Laid out between Mr. Thomas Helms and Mr. Richard Miller four rods wide to ye plains and Entered on the Town Book March ye 27th 1712.
(Note: Thomas Helme II)

December 23rd 1728 The Commisinors viewed the above Said highway and finding it not to be a Coveniant Road for publick use they wath ye consent of ye Neighbours Laid out another Highway for ye same use the former was for; on the East Sie of the Swamp by Josiah Robins house and a Cross ye land of Tho. Helm the former Roade being of no other use but for William Miller to com at this Lande the commisinors ye Neighboours did agree that Thomas Helme (Note: Thomas Helme II) Might fence it up if he would find William Miller a Road to his Lane that lieth south ward of ---Richard Miller Lande after the Helme did agree with Mr. Richard Miller And gave hime all that part of ye Road that was taker of said Millers Lande to Make ye highway if he would lit William Miller have Road at ye west End of his Lande to Make ye highway if he would lit William Miller have Road at ye west End of his Clear land; on April ye 30th 1750 ffor ye above Consideration Richard Miller Ju Doth Covenant and agree that William Miller Shall have a Roade twenty foots wide beginning a ye Town pather running on the west Sie of the fence as it now Stands to said Millers Lane; And I sd Richard Miller for My Self my heirs Exe Admi or Assigns Do Covenant and promis that William Miller his Heirs or assigns May from time to time pass and repass to and from his Lande forever without any hindrance of Molistation from Me or any by or under me; Cart of Drive Cretvers as he or they have Occation; and I sd Richard Miller Do Agree to Make two thirds of ye first fence or Crutches or pooles to Drive Creatvers by; And after that William Miller as to Maintain it on his own cost on the west Side of ye path so that his Creatvers may Do no Damage to ye Said Richard Miller; And we Desire ye Commisinors to consider of ye above written agreement and to Cavse ye Same to be Entred or Records.
Richard Miller Ju
William Miller
Thomas Helme (Thomas Helme III)
June ye 18, 1750