The following excerpts from the Brookhaven Town Records pertain to the Helme Family as a reference to the properties that they bought or sold along with notations as to occupations or town positions held. These records allow us a glimpse of lives fully lived in a more primitive time and the rules and regulations that governed and influenced their way of life.

Note: Volume I Book I & II contain the early transcribed town records and the first part of Book A, while not an accurate copy of Books I and II, is important as it contains entries that are not found in the other two books. Therefore, you will find duplication in the entries contained here. The first settlement was known as Ashford, then Brookhaven and finally Setauket and Miller Place/Mt. Sinai area as the "ould mans".


Volume I - Book II (Label reversed with Book I)

Massetewse And the Sunke Squaw native proprietors and owners of all the land belonging to the trackte of land Comonley Cauled the ould manes doe freely and absoltewtely sell and will defend the title to the Inhapitants of Setawke and there Succesor for ever for and in Considerration of a Certaine vallew of goods here under written to be deliuered within one munth after the date hereof as witness our hand this 10 June 1664.

Signed in the 					Massetewse         X his mark
Psense of vs
John Cooper					The Sunke Squaw    X her mark
Richard howell

Fowre Cotes: fowre payre of Stockings: (pipken of powder tow bares of led - Six howse (=hoes) tenn hachets and tenn kniues more Sixe Cotes: 4 Sherts: 3 (peckes) Kettels

16 day Jenuery 1670
...at the same time Jon Roe had a (15) akers granted him at the ould mans

It was further voeted and agreed upon that they have sould unto Richard Fled the swamp that is the back sied of samuell daitons eastward with two akers of vpland Joiyning to the swamp not incroching vpon the hyway in consideration of the just som of five pounds in wheat peese and port each of therd and the sayed Richard is to fence in betweene this and this time twelf month secure from catle from swamping

3 aperell 1671
Iohn Thomas have sould unto Richard Flied thirty fower akers of land at the ould mans in considerations that the sayed Richad is to give a white fase cow and the saide John Tomas is to pay halv the rate to the minister and to haue halve the comeneg belong to a single lott

Observation: This is the first mention of the property in Miller Place shortly thereafter to be purchased by Thomas Helme.

17 feb 1672
mr Rich wodhull haue exchanged 5 akers of land lying by the great Rock at nue towne John byles of the one sied and Sakery hawkens of the other with a aker in the ould feeld aboue the syamp Rungin vp to mr. bayles for two 3 aker lotts of hennery Rogers lying by nue towne (hills) aboue Andrew millers mr. wodhull liiing westward of it

Volume I - Book I (Label reversed with Book II)

15 may 1676
Thomas Holmes and Iohn (hart) haue taken the (pound) to finish suffissiantly and to make a good gaete and hang it and in consideration they are to have 30s for thaire work and this to be done forthwith

(Note: The above reference is the first mention of Thomas Helme (I) that is found in the Brookhaven Town Records.

5 desemb 1676
Richad floyd have sould william Iane haulue acomadations that he had of ould Iohn Thomas being 34 akers liing at the auld mans nere the swamp with a halue share of medow at mastick at the South and haluf of the (tenth) lott about the great flax at the ould purchase and halve a share of medow vpon the old mans bech with all (comenedg) belong to the halue lott

14 Iuly 1677
(william) Iane have exchanged the halue alottmnet being**(akers) at the ould mans that he and Thomas helmes bought (of) Richard floyd this he exchanged with Thomas helmes**(for halue) that home lot that was Robert wolles aIoyning (Thomas) wards that is to say Thomas helmes is to haue (and to hould) that 34 akers wholly at the ould mans (that) thay bought of Richard floyd and william Iane is (to) haue and to hould all that home lott that was Robart (wolles) a Ioyning to Thomas ward memorandum that Thomas helmes is to haue the same previdg in the halue (of) the whome lott tell this time twelfmonth as he had formerly

29 Ienuy 1677
Iohn Tooker senyer haue sould his share of medow vpon the ould mans beach to Thomas helms

6 sept 1677
The Constable and overseears haue granted to exchange with Iohn Coombes a pece of land lying bewteen mr floyds swamp onely a hyway and Andrew millers reare of his lott lying between the two hywayes nott debaring the watterplace for soe much of his elsewhere (this aboue written land) is layd out being 7 akers halue more or less

2 aperll 1678
there was chosen Thomas helms constable and Iacob longboth(em) and Iohn tooker senyer overseears

(Note: You will find a duplication of records from Volume I in the subsequent books but it is the transcriptions in Volume I that appear as the truest to the original Old English text.)