DEPOSITION of Jonathan Norton

Johathan norton Saith that formerly when he Liued with his father helme that his father helme Charls dauis and my selfe was one day at work on the Lot is called the pikell belong to his father helme a diging the Shells and that Charls Dauis went from them Some time & when he came to them againe he Said he had found a bound tree with this they all three went to the tree it was Indeed to my aprehention as usually bounds are made a fair markt tree a whight oak tree father helme said it was his bound tree & I See father helm open the tree to look for the number but it was so Rotten that the numbers could not be dissarnd but to my cartayn knoledg father helm fenced and Improued his Lot to that bound & after wards Richard Green Joyned his fence & Jmproued to the Same tree on the other side and that father helme Lived many years Jn the posseon of the same bound & J neuer heard him make any Scruple or dout concerning the Reallity of the Sd bound and that the stump and som of the body of the sd tree is yet Jn the pertion fence between the Land of thomas helme and the Land of Selah Strong on the hill not uery far from the bank

& further this deponant saith not