Andrew Miller owned property on East Hampton Street (20A) before 1663 which was sold to Jacob Schillinger in 1672 probably when he moved to Miller Place.

Book B - Page 9
Easthampton 1672
The record of land of Andrew Miller granted by the Town of Easthampton to him and his heirs forever as followthe:
Imprimis, the house lot with the addition containing nine acres be it more or less bounded on the North side with the rear of the house lots and the street East and Robert Parson's lot South and the highway west.

Book F, Page 14
Easthampton July 2, 1675
Roberd Dayton and Thomas Helmes have exchanged horses one with another the horse that Roberd Dayton hath delivered is of a blackish browne Collour about six years of age with a star in the forehead marked with a Cropp in the left eare and two slits downe the right eare and Branded with a D on the left Buttuck:
And the horse that Roberd Dayton hath received of the foresd Thomas Helme is of a brown bay Collour about seven yeares of age marked with cropp in the right eare and two slits Down the same eare and this Horse or gelding that is now delivered unto Roberd Dayton by Thomas Helme is the same mark That James Herrick of Southampton giveth.