Husband:	Arthur Hudson Helme					
Born:		20-Nov-1860
Died:		20-Nov-1947 in Port Jefferson, NY
Resided:	at birth in a house south of the 1812 Helme House that still exists 
		on Miller Place Road close to where the road is bisected by Echo Road
		and and in 1948 at Bayview Terrace, Port Jefferson, NY.
Occupation:	veterinarian, taxidermist and ornithologist
		1892 Long Island Business Directory - listed as veterinary surgeon 
Father:		Timothy H. Helme
Mother:		Susan Abigail Hopkins

Wife (1):	Unknown

Wife (2):	Martha L. (unknown)
Born:		02-Mar-1893
Died:		Apr-1981

Note:  Her daughter brought Helme tankard and table silver per Margaret Davis, Gass.

Issue:  Unknown (daughter)

NOTE:  Elected in 1888 as a life associate of the American Ornithologist's Union.  
       He was educated at Brown's Business College and New York University from which
       institution he received a degree in veterinary science.  He sold the veterinarian
       business and turned his hobby of ornithology into a profession.  He was an expert
       taxidermist and worked at the Brooklyn Museum and the American Museum of Natural Hisory
       in New York.  The latter has his notes covering a period of about 60 years.  His notable
       collection of birds and mammals was disposed of prior to his death.  He was also a fellow
       of the Linnaean Society of NY.
       The following are ornithological research papers written by Arthur H. Helme:
       1.  "The Lark Finch and Baird's Bunding on Long Island, NY"
       2.  "Large Flight of White-winged Crossbills on Long Island, NY" 

       He also authored "Notes on Long Island Mammalia" in 1902 and in 1927 a journal article in 
       the Brooklyn Museum Quarterly, v. 14, titled "Reminiscences of a Long Island Naturalist".