Husband:	Ezra King						
Born:		24-Jul-1784  in East Marion, NY
Died:		7-Feb-1867   
Buried:		Middle Island, NY
Resided:	Middle Island and in 1844 Rev. King retired and moved to Millers Place.
Schooling:	attended Clinton Academy, East Hampton, NY 
Occupation:	minister

Wife:		Eliza Helme
Married:	10-Sep-1816
Born:		8-Aug-1793 in Miller Place, NY
Died:		21-Dec-1833 in Middle Island, NY
Father:  	Caleb Helme
Mother:		Elizabeth Hopkins

Notes:  In 1806 Eliza Helme, at the age of thirteen, attended a school for girls conducted by 
Mrs. Lyman Beecher in her home located in East Hampton and while there made a biblical scene embroidered
in silk floss of Moses in the Bull Rushes.

Note:  Clinton Academy in East Hampton, NY was erected in 1784 and named for Governor Clinton.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Issue: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Caleb Helme King Born: 6-Jan-1818 in Middle Island, NY ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ezra Samuel King Born: 25-Mar-1820 in Middle Island, NY ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Joseph Newell King Born: 8-Jun-1823 in Middle Island, NY ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Elisha Eliot King Born: 30-Dec-1826 in Middle Island, NY ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hannah J. King Born: 22-Mar-1830 in Middle Island, NY ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Maria Elizabeth King Born: 22-Jan-1833 in Middle Island, NY