Purpose of the Room:

The Buttery was used for the storage of food and food preparation utensils and reflects what we know today as a pantry. One can imagine the walls lined with wood containers such as barrels or butts for the storage of staples along with various items of pottery and metal wares used in the preparation of meals. This area is currently split into two sections.

Dimensions: 6' X 11' 3"; ceiling height

Architectural Features:

Unpainted horizontal paneling line the lower part of the walls and plaster was used for the upper walls. The paneling apparently had been used elsewhere and recycled in this building as there is a scratched image that now appears in an upside-down position on the paneling. The rendering has been done in a childlike hand and we can leave it to our imagination as to whether it is human or chicken.


1. Walls upper section of unpainted plaster and lower section is unpainted horizontal paneling. Once again we find the paneling with a childlike inscribed renderings.

2. Trim revealed several coats of tan and brown milk paint.