Restoration in progress. Restoration in progress.

Purpose of the Room: Possibly a sleeping chamber for the slaves or servants as you have easy access to the back staircase leading to the summer kitchen. Recent restoration raises the question that this might have orginally been two rooms.

Dimensions: 15' 9" x 14' 4 1/2"; ceiling height 7' 10"

Architectural Features: The uniqueness of this room is in the fact that it contains many recycled elements from the 1720's house such as the chestnut block paneling with two remaining pilasters, horizontal panelling, wide plank flooring that had not been painted or stained, trim pieces used around the windows and one nine over six window. There is a door opening to a landing where the slave or storage loft is situated or one can access the back staircase leading down to the Summer Kitchen.

The door between this room and the landing for the back staircase is board and batten with early hardware. But the door leading to and from this room to the center hallway is a late Victorian replacement.


1. Walls - white paint on plaster

2. Trim - Soldier Blue milk paint