Purpose of the Room: Sleeping chamber for the owner of the house and his wife and any infants and equates to our contemporary master bedroom.

Dimensions: 16' 2" x 12': ceiling height 7' 10"

Architectural Features: This room has been designated Best Bed Chamber as it not only contains a fireplace and mantle surround of considerable detail but also a closet. The fireplace contains a small crane ideal for heating of water for tea. There are three (3) six over six windows in this room.


1. Walls - The original color on the walls was ochre. The next layer was a machine made wallpaper with what at one time have been a white background with a green filigree design. Unfortunately this early paper was in unsalvageable condition but a sample has been preserved along with the name of the manufacturer Wm. H. Mairs & Co. The name appeared along the selvage edge of the wallpaper and research shows that the company was located in Brooklyn, NY and was in operation from 1890 to 1896. This time of reference would place Hannah and George P. Helme as the family to have the wallpaper installed in this room.

2. Trim - Oyster White milk paint was the original color.