INDENTURE between Thomas Helme (II) & Benjamin Jones - 11 March 1728

To all Christian people to whome these presents shall come Greeting Know ye that I Thomas Helme of Brookhaven in the County of Suffolk & in the province of New York Yeoman For in Consideration of the sum of One Hundred and Twenty-three pounds Sixteen Schillings Current money of New York to me in hand payd before and Ensealing and Delivery hereof By Benjamin Jones shipwright .... One certain Mesnage or Tract of Land and Meadow Scittuate Laying and Being in the Bounds of Brookhaven aforesaid (Viz) Two Twenty Acre Lotts in Mount Misery Neck the one Number Three Butting and Bounding Southerly by Johathan Norton Lane North by Selah Strong East by the Highway One the Old Mans Harbor Side. The other Number Nine Butting and Bounding Southerly by the Town Lott northerly by Samuel Jayne's Land Easterly by the Cliff at the Old Mans harbor Westerly the cliff near Mount Misery bay. Also the first Share of Meadow in the Old Mans Harbor butting and bounded by Moses Burnett's Meadow on the East.

This 11th Day of March In the seocnd yr. Of the Reign of Our Soverign Lord George the Second Annog. Dom 1728

Thomas Helme