INDENTURE between Estate of Hannah (Helme) Woodhull & Sheldon Roe - 1832

Emma S. Clarke Library Card Catalog File - Capt. Rhodes Collection

COLL. King 22.2.2 - property deed, 1832, executor of the Estate of Hannah Woodhull to Sheldon Roe of Brookhaven regarding the sale at public auction of a farm in Miller Place.

COLL. King 22.2.3 - property deed, 1836, Sheldon Roe of Brookhaven to Ezra King of Brookhaven, regarding sale of farm in Miller Place; handwritten original and printed form.

COLL. King - property deed, 1843, Ezra King to Caleb H. King regarding sale of farm in Miller Place.

Observation: Perhaps the property and surrounding farm land where Ezra King built his home on North County Road, Miller Place, NY and across the road from the Thomas Helme House.