Full copies of two old deeds loaned me at Miller Place Monday, May 12, 1890 by Geo. P. Helme a descendant of the parties. He says his father (Thomas Helme who died in 1853) always said he owned two lots in Mt. Misery Neck. O.B. Ackerly

INDENTURE between William Helme Jnr. & Thomas Helme - 29 March 1751

To all Christian people to whome this presents shall come greeting. Know ye that I Wiilliam Helme Juner of the township of Goshan in The county of Oring, in the provence of New York yeoman for an in consideration of the full and just sume of forty ounds currant lawfull money of the provence aforesd to me in hand payd before the insealeing and delivery heareof by Thomas Helme of the town of Brockheaven in the couny of Suffolk and in the provenc aforesd yeoman the recept whereof I do heave by adnoleg and myself thare with fuly satisfied and have remised released and forever quit clamed and do by thes presents freely fully and absolutely remise releas and forever quit clame unto the sd Thomas Helme his hiers and asings for ever all the estate right title interest property clams and demand of what cind or quality sower of in or unto one sertaine measuag or tract of land and meadow lying and being within the bounds the limets of the towne ship of brockheaven aforesd it a sertaine place called the Fiere Place Neck and is bounded as followith on the east with the land and medow now in the posesion of or belonging to Steven Jane and on the south by the bay and is bounded on the west by a line to run as followith beginning at the sd bay att the south end of a sertaine dich from thence running northerly with sd dich to the north end of same and from the sd dich the line to run northerly to a sertaine post standing on the upland att the east end of a sertaine hedg fenc and from the sd dich to the sd post untell it shall leave five acers of upland against the medow now belonging to Henerey Daton and then the line to run westerly to the fenc or land belonging to Thomas Roas or Daniel Roas to the northend of that teare of fifteene aker loots and from there the line to run easterly to the land of the sd Steven Jane to have and to hold the sd remised released and quit clamed premises with all the apurtinances privileges and comodityes to the same belonging or in any wise apertaineing to him the sd Thomas Helme his hiers and asings forever so that nithere I nor my heirs shall ever hereafter clame chalange or demand aney estate firth title or interest in the same but shall by this presents be utterly excludedf and bared for ever. In witness whare of I the sd William Helme have heare unto set my hand and seale this twenty ninth day of March one thousan seven hundred and fifty one.

William Helme Jnr. L.S

Sealed and delivered
In presents of
Richard Woodhull
John Roe

NOTATION: May 16th, 1890 Returned the two foregoing deeds to Geo. P. Helme by mail.
O. B. Ackerly 71 Broadway NY

Geo. P. Helme (70 years of age) says Thomas Helme died in 1818 aged 90. He deeded to his son Wm. H. Helme who died in 1812 before his father. This son William H. was succeeded by his son William who died in 1829. This William Helme was succeeded by his brother Thomas who died in 1853. He was succeeded by his son this Geo. P. Helme who is the husband of my mother's sister Hannah.
O. B. Ackerly