INDENTURE between William W. Mills, Deborah Mills, William H. Helme Jr. & Mineus Liman - 3 January 1824

Suffolk County Archives, Riverhead, NY (Liber E - Page 285)

Indenture 3rd January 1824 between William H. Mills Town of Smithtown wife Deborah and William H. Helme Town of Brookhaven to Mineus Liman in consideration of $250 ensealing and delivery of a certain tract of land situated and bounded on the North by the north County Road, on the East by the land of Levi Tooker and Richard Davis, on the South by the land of Samuel Bayles, on the west by the land of Henry C. Mather and John Woodhull. Also one other tract of land situated in the Town of Brookhaven and bounded on the north by the Countryt Road before menttioned on the East and south land of John Woodhull, on the west by the land of Henry C. Mather than by the land of Betsey Prince - est. 50 acres.

Wm. Wickham Mills
Deborah Mills
William H. Helme

NOTE: Archaeological investigation of the Betsey Prince site was carried out by the New York State Museum during 1989 and 1993. Their findings can be viewed on the internet at