INDENTURE between John Youngs and Thomas Helme - 6 April 1695 for 300 acres at Dyers Neck and George Neck that was not recorded until 1734.

"This Indenture made the sixth day of April in the Seventh Year of the Reigne of William and Mary By the Grace of God of England Scotland France and Irelend King and Queen Defenders of the Faith Annoq Diu 1695 Between John Youngs Esq. of Southhold in the County of Suffolk On Nassau Island of the Province of New Yorke of the one part and Thomas Helme of Brookhaven in the Said County of the other parte Witnesseth that whereas Joseph Lee late of Brookhaven in the county above said By an Indenture in Writing made on the Seventeenth day of August 1689 Signed and Sealed by the said Joseph Lee did freely and Voluntarily Demise Bargain and Sell unto the said John Young his Heirs, Executors Administrators and Assignes all his Lands and meadow closes and Grounds lying and being the Township of Brookhaven in the abovesaid (that is to say) one neck of land called Dyers Necke One Neck called Georges Neck Or such a part thereof that said Joseph Lee hath purchased containing all the lands and meadow. Three Hundred acres more or less together with the Benefits profits and privileges thereof and whereas there is a proviso and condition in the same Indenture contained for the Redemption of the premises upon payment of the sum of thirty pounds current money of New Yorke at or before in or upon the Seventeenth day of August which there should be and since hath been in the Year of our Lord 1692 at the House of the said John Youngs of Southold aforesaid as in the same Indenture and the proviso therein contained Relation thereunto being had more fully and at large doth and may appear which said sum of Thirty pounds or any part thereof was not paid or Tendered to be paid to or for the said John Youngs at the day of place in the proviso of Redemption remitted for the payment thereof and yet Remaineth unpaid whereby and by reason thereof the said land with the appuntenances together with the said Estate right title and interest of the said Joseph Lee because forfeited unto the said John Youngs and he thereby was and is interested in the premises and every part thereof as in and by the said indenture may appear. Now this Indenture Witnessed that the said John Youngs for and in consideration of the sum of thirty Two pounds of good and current money as above as abovesaid to him in hand paid at the ensealing and delivery of these presents the (????) is hereby acknowledged and wherewith be the said John Youngs is fully satisfied contented and paid Hathe given Granted Bargained aliened and sold and confirmed and by these present doth fully freely clearly and absolutely give grant Bargain alien sell and confirm unto the said Thomas Helme his heirs executors administrators and assigned as well the before Receited parcels of Land with the appuntenances whatsoever in the said Town of Brookhaven as also all the estate right title interest property possession claims and Demand whatsoever which be the said John Youngs his heirs executors administrators and assigned have may or ought to have by virtue of the said Indenture and by any other way or means whatsoever together with the same Indenture and all other and every writing evidence and movement concerning the same To Have and To Hold the said Land before mentioned and by these presents Bargained and sold together with the premises with the appuntenances and every part thereof to be the use benefit and Behoofe of the said Thomas Helme his heirs executors administrators and assigns in as large ample and Beneficial form and manner of all interest and purposes as if (????) was made with all the t(????) of law and act as might or could be and the Said John Youngs dothere hereby coverant and (????) to and with the said Thomas Helme his heirs and assigns to give peaceable possession in the before granted premises and to do perform and execute any act or acts (????) or things for the better assurance or confirmation of the premises. In Witness whereof the said John Young hath hereunto set his hand and seal the day above named.

John Youngs (seal)

Sealed and delivery in presence of Stephen Bayley Samuel Wines John Tuthill John Youngs Esq. Acknowledged the above Deed of Sale to be his act and Deed this 21st day of November in the seventh year of the Reign of Our Sovereign Lord William the Third over England & King Defender of the Faithe be and in the year of our Lord 1695 Cor me Jsh Arnold Recorder the 16th day of May 1734.

Wm. Smith clk

OBSERVATION: Reference appearing in the History of Suffolk County (1882) relates "John Dier his name may have been preserved as the ancient name of the neck of land between the harbors of Port Jefferson and Setauket known as Diers (Dyers) Neck which was inhabited in 1664".