INDENTURE between William Miller & Thomas Helme - 8 July 1762

To all Christian People to whom the presents Shall come greeting Know ye that I William Miller of Brookhaven In the County of Suffolk and province of New York yeoman For an in consideration of the sum of forty shillings to me in hand paid before the ensealing hereof by Thomas Helmes of the town County and Province above said the Receipt where of is hereby acknowledged and my selfe therewith fully Satisfied and contented and there of do exeonerate and discharg the Said Thomas Helmes his Heirs & assigns forever one certain tract of Land Lyng at the south end of said Helmes fifty acre Lot, ajouning two Rods and a halfe wide the Length of it being he wedth of Said Helmes Lot ajoyning to Samuel Phillips on the weft, by estamation one Hondred Rods of ground, To Have and to hold the Said granted and bargained Premifes with the appurtenances Priveledges and commodities to the Same belonging or in any wise appertaining to him the Said Thomas Helmes his Heirs and afsigned forever to his and their onely proper use benefit and behoot forever, and I the Said William Miller for me my Heirs ...... and assigns do Convenant promis and grant to and with Said Thomas Helmes his Heirs and afsigns that before the ensealing here of I am the true Sole and lawful owner of the above bargained Pemises and have in my selfe good right full power and Lawfull athority to grant bargain Sell and Convey as above Said and that the Said Thomas Helmes, his Heirs and assigns Shall and may from time to time and all times forever here after by virture of these Prefents Lawfully, peacably and quietly have, hold use, occupy, posess and enjoy the Said premises and bargained premifes with the appurtenances free and Clear and freely and clearly acquitted and discharged of and from all and all maner of incumbrances and troubles whatsoever and I the Said William do further convenance and bind my self heaires exrs. and adms firmly by these Presents to warrant and defend the Said Thomas Helme his Heirs and and assigns in quiet and peacable possession of the Said granted and bargained premifes against any Just and Lawful claims of a parson or parsons whatsoever, in witness wheeof I have here unto set my hand and Seal this Eight day July in the year of our Lord one thounsand seven hondred sixty two 1762.

William Miller

Signed Seled and Delivered
In presents of
Sarah Miller
Ebenezer Miller