INDENTURE between John Roe, Benajah Strong & Benjamin Brewfter to Thomas Helme - 9 February 1762

......Sheep Pasture #15 originally laid out 1 February 1737

To all Christian people to whome these prefance Shall come Greetings know ye that we John Roe Benajah Strong and Benjamin Brewfter of Brook Haven in County of Suffolk & province of New York yeomans for and in Consideration of three pounds Lawfull mony of Sd New york to us in hand said before the Enfealing hearof by Thomas Helme of the Same town County & province of and yeoman the Recipt whearof whereby asknowleg and our Selves thearwith fully Sattisfyed and paid and thearof do hereby acquit and Discharge the Sd Thomas Helme his heairs Executors administ & afsigns forever by thefe prefants Have Bargained Sold aliened Conveayed & Confirmed and do by thefe prefants fully & freely and absolutely Bargin Sell alien Convey and Confirm to the Said Thomas Helme his heairs and afsigns for ever one Equal half part of a Lot of Land Laid out in the Sheep paster of the old mans february 1ft 1737 being No. fifteen as may or more fully be made appear by the Town Records of Brookhaven with all our and every of our Eftate Right title Intrest Claime & Demand of in and to the Same primeses with the appurtanances. To Have and to hold all the granted and Bargained ---- hearby Granted and Discribed with the appuntanances unto the Said Thomas Helme his heairs and afsigns for ever to his and their only proper use Benefit and Behoof for Ever and we the Said John Roe Benejah Strong and Benjamin Brewfter do hearby Bind and oblige ourfelves our hears Executors Administ firmly by thefe prefants to Warrant and Defend the afore Sd Bargained and Granted premises in the manner and form above mentione dunto the Said Thomas Helme his heairs and afsigns for Ever against us and our hears and all and every other parfon Claiming or to Claime by from or under us ---- of us In Witnefs whearof we the Said John Roe Benajah Strong and Benjamin Brewfter have here unto Let our hands and Seals, this ninth day of february in the year of our Lord one Thoufand Seven hundred & Sixty two .

John Roe
Benajah Strong
Benj Brewfter

Signed Seled and Delivered
In prefance of us
Paul huls
Charity Strong