INDENTURE between Levi Tooker & Sarah Helme - March 1820

To all Christian People to whom these Presents shall come greeting know ye that I Levi Tooker of the Town of Brookhaven County of Suffolk and State of New York for an in consideration of the sum of One hundred and Forty Eight Dollars and 3 cents Current money of the United States to me in hand paid by Sarah Helme of the same town - County and State aforesaid the Receipt whereof I do hereby acknowledge and myselt therewith fully Satisfyed and paid - Have given granted Bargained and Sold and by these presents Do Freely fully and abfolutely give grant bargain Sell and confirm unto the Said Sarah Helme here Heirs and afsigns forever - a certain Tract of a Parcel of land being part of the lots Number Thirty eight an thirty nine in the east Division of long lots in the Aforesaid Township of Brookhaven together with Dwelling House and other Building standing thereon containing by Estimation Ninety aces Be the same more or less Bounded as follows beginning at the Northwest corner of said land an bounded Northwardly by the highway or raod that leads from Millers Place to wading River Eastwardly by the land formerly Jacob Eaton then Eastward again by the land of the said Jacob Eaton Southwardly by the lands of Samuel Bayles and Westward by the lands of Black Jonah as the fences ....tland untill it comes to the Wading River on place of Beginning also one other piece or parcel of land lying in the aforesaid township of Brookhaven Being part of the lott Number forty in the Division of Great lotts South of thw wading river Road Bounded Northwardly by Jonah's Land Eastwardly by Lande that the Said Tooker now own's Southwardly by a ditch that divides it from the land formerly Banjam Eatons and westwardly by the said Benjam Eatons land -- also one other piece or parcel of land bounder as follows. Being in Town an County aforesaid - a certain piece or parcel of land containing one acre be the same more or lefs Scituate lying and being the afforesaid Town -- in Lott Number Thirty Eight in the wading river Division of long-Lotts Bounded on the west by the land of the said Levi Tooker on the North by the Wading River Road on Highway eight rods from the corner of the Said Levi Tookers Barn thence running southwardly Twenty rods inside of said Land thence running Westwardly to the said farm - -. To have and to hold the Above granted and Bargained pieces and parcels of land together in all and Singular profits Privileges and advantages to the same belonging an in any app..taining unto her the said Sarah Helme her heirs and afsigns forever to her and their own proper use Benefit and Behoff -- and furthermore I the Said Levi Tooker Do bring myself my Heirs Escecutors & Administrator firmly by thee presents to Warrant and defend the said Sarah Helm her heirs and assigns forever in a quiet an peaceable profsession of all an Singular the above granted bargained premises with te appurtenances thereof agains the Just and lawfull claims of any person or person whatsoever--In witnefs thereof I hereunto Let may hand and seal--this ____ day of March in the years of our Lord One Thousand Eighteen hundred and Twenty.

Levi Tooker

In Presence of
Samuel P. Helme
Mary C. Mills

The time intent and meaning of the above written article is that if the sum mentioned, together with the Interest--at Seven percent Be paid to the said Sarah Helm or her order In one two or three years - the deed becomes Null & Void Otherwise the lands becomes forfeited or Sold appertinances to the same beloinging or in any wise appertaining and the reversion or reversions remain or remainders all the estate & interest of the said party of the first part - And Sarah Helme for hereself her heirs and assigns do hereby convenant with the _____ forever Warrant and defend the said lot of land hereby granted unto the said John Edwards his heirs and assigns against all persons whomsoever _______ claiming the same and that free from every incumbrance whatsoever In sitnefs wherof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the ____ day and date above written Sealed and Delivered

Sarah Helme

In the presence of
William H. Helme
Sally M. Robinson