Letter from William Henry Moore to Jeremiah Moore - 15 December 1835

Millers place December 15, 1835

Dear father

I was awoke this morning by the ory of fire I got up and went to see it proved to be the district school house. it is supposed that it got a fire in the evening because there ws A singing school ther. I got ther A little while after the fire brok out and saw it burn down to ground. the fire house kept the fire in til it burnt the inside all up. I suppose that you have heard of the great fire in new york it is said that it is the greatest fire that every was known in new york the merchange escchange burnt down to the ground. if it is convenient I wish that you would send me a fur cap if you can because this cap is so cold that I cant keep my head warm all I can do. mr woodhul is more comfortable so that he has set up a little. Aunt helmes sends her love to you.

All well yours affectionately
William Henry Moore

To: Col Jeremiah Moore