Letter from William H. H. Moore to Jeremiah Moore - July 16 1836

Millers place July 16 1836

Dear Father

I have not received A Letter since I wrote to you that Aunt Helmes wanted me to write and tell you that she sends her love to you and want you to come here and see her or else she says that you will never see her again. she is About the same. I have heard that you have Mowed some of your grain on account of its being ...nter kiled when you write next time I wish you would say how much you have had to mow. Mr. Woodhul is about the same. I don't see as I have any thing more to write.

William H H Helme

Aunt sarah sends her love to you and says she is going home prety soon and then she will write to you

Observation: Sarah Phillips Helme died on November 14, 1836 true to her prediction of her nearing demise.