Letter from William Henry Moore to Col Jeremiah Moore - Dec 24 1835

Millers place Dec 24, 1835

Dear father

I received your affectionate letter yesterday and was glad to see it and hope that you will write again soon. I have spoke three times and wrote two compositions. the farmers in this place have not got their turnips up yet because the ground is froze so hard that they cant get them up. I hope that you have got yours up if you cant I am afraid that you wont. I like to studdy the latting grammer very well as much as I have seen of it. I saw Mr Roes thrashing Machine go day before yesterday. It thrashes verry well. we have apple dumpling here perty often so that I get along verry well. I dont know as there is any thing else to write so good bye.

All send to you
Your affectionately yours
William Henry Moore

To: Col Jeremiah Moore