Letter from Thomas S. Helme to Wm. H. H. Moore - 25 April 1846

Millers Place April 25, 1846

Dear Cousin

My sister informed me on her return from New York you could procure me a Dutch Family to work on my farm. I should like to have him, my price per month is 10 dollars which is as much as I give any man to work on the farm and that is acquainted with farming in this country and the house and garden that I should let him have my price is 18 dolls. per year which is house and small barn and about an acre of ground which is enough to raise all the vegatables his family might want.

When I say 10 doll. per month that is including board I do not wish hire him steady for more that 8 mo. the remaining 4 months I should employ him cutting work if he understands cutting wood which he will probable earn as much or more than 10 dolls. per month. I shall effect him to be acquainted with mowing and cradling this is very necessary in the time of Harvest, at present I have considerable ditching to do if he is not acquainted with that work he can soon be taught it by some persons I should get to work with him. --- I was at your Mothers a few weeks ago and saw the dutchman you got for your brother and was much pleased with him as he is a very industrious man. --- I expect he has some furniture to keep house with as that I do not expect to furnish him with --- the price per month that I have mentioned I think he ought to be satisfied with something like 7 or 8 dollars per mo. as he is not acquainted with working in this country and it is hard to get along with a man who cannot speak a work in English but 10 is the highest I could expect to go, please to send a letter by him & the terms you engage him.

With ________ yours Respectfully

Thomas Helme

To Wm. H. H. Moore
New York
to th can of
Charles B. Moore, Esq.
Atty Law N.Y