Letter from William H. H. Moore to Julia Moore - Jan 26 1839

Millers place Jan 26 1839

Dear Mother

I received the bundle on Monday last, but the thing that I wanted most was not there (the..) for a pair of shoes which I sent to you first for. I wanted it very much there but do still more now and I hoped you will send it in a letter by the next mail for if the postage will be double I want them enough to pay for the Meg shoes that I have here are so small that they pinch my feet and I have also cut them a little accidently and I have to wear my boots altogether and I have had them soled, and patched a little and now one of them has got a little hole in the toe. My money too is almost expended the mending of my boots cost 2 cents and I have signed 25 cts for the singing school teacher and I have to give 25 cents for admin in the debating society which all had to pay that belong to it an I also bought a small glafs inkstand of ink and thus you see that it is more all gone and little more would be very acceptable.

Singing school teacher is Mr. Charles Reeves of Wading River.

To Mrs. Julia Moore