Letter from William H. H. Moore to Jeremiah Moore Esq. - Apr 30 1836

Millers place Apr 30 1836

Dear Father

I arrived here to day safe and bought my trunk with me. the stage arrived at the branch about at half an hour after sun down. I found the way to Cousin George without dificulty. I knocked at the door and aunt Sarah came to the door. The stage Thursday was b.... full we had nine passengers besides their baggage. they escened on the stage that there was about 15 hundred weight. we had but two horses and them not very good. Ann Mariah Wickme was in the stage with her brother Colburn. they were going Elmira. Ann Mariah sent her love to all of you and wishes for your to write to here after she gets to Elmira. They are all well to Smithtown. the north stage was b.... full to.

We all send our love to you
Yours affectionately
William H. H. Moore

To: Jeremiah Moore