Letter from William H. H. Moore to Jeremiah Moore Esq. - June 5 1836

Millers Place June 5 1836

Dear Father

I have not got much to write but as I have got time now I thought I would write. We have 27 boys and 16 Girls. the boys side can not hold but one scholar more. the bellport Acdy has not got but seven Scollars and I believe it is going to stop this week. I mentioned in my last letter that my mixtured Stockings was to small but they are not when I tried them on. must have been swetty for I tried A consideratable while but after I had tried them on sent my letter. the stocking lad on my trunk and I thou(ght) I would try it again and I got them on. Mr Woodhul is about the same. all send our love to you.

Yours Sincerely
William H. H. Moore

To: Jeremiah Moore, Esq.