Letter from William Moore to Julia Moore - November 7 1839

Millers place November 7, 1839

Dear Mother

I had a much more pleasant ride up here than I expected, the only fault I had to find was not getting up here sooner as we did not get here untill dark; we took dinner at Wading River, and staid there a little while. There was only about twelve at school the first monday, but the number is increasing and probably there will be a full school this winter. I asked Mr Ayres the next morning after I arrived wethere he thought I could enter College next fall. He said that he should think I could, very easy. I have things arranged with Mrs. Woodhull to my satisfaction and do not do much now eseccpt drive the cows as she has not here hogs .... up to fat or cows foddered yet which I escpect to do. She says that she will make what allowance you and herself all think proper. I found the people generally well here. Mrs. Carter was taken ill at Riverhead she has come home but has not recovered yet. Old Mrs. Woodhull was quite unwell in the vacation but is now as well as usual. Mrs. Woodhull has several boarders rooming Mr. Ayers, Wm. Weeks, Townsend Underhill and Elbert Smith. William Smith is escpected soon. I went over to Mr. Helmes and paid my bill the next evening after I arrive. I came here so late Monday evening that I did not go and pay it then and therefore could not send it home by Capt Tuthill and Mr. Helme sent Jane away that day also so if I have arrived sooner I could have paid for it then. I have the bible safe now.

Yours affectionately

To: Julia Moore

Observation: Perhaps this was the Horn Tavern located in Wading River which had been a popular stopover for stage coaches bound to/from East Hampton, Sag Harbor and Greenport. The tavern had been in operation in the early 1700's and was still in service in the 1830's.