LETTER from Jeremiah Moore to Thomas S. Helme - 8 January 1831

Farms Jan. 8th 1831

Dear Sir

I received yours of the 28th December informing us of your loss of another daughter and that you wich to get som sheep. My flock of sheep got sickly last sumer on the account of my keeping them so long on my place. I have had them on my farm near twenty year and I was told that I could not make them healthy again and I was told I could not hite of any then and I have given up giting any as I expect to sell my place if possible or part of it if I have to van..... it. Sheep is not plenty hear and I do not know of any to be sold. Our famil all well excepting bad colds and oine with me in love to you and all friends.

yours respectfully

Jeremiah Moore

Mr. Thomas Holmes