COMMISSION of Lieutenant William Helmes - 15 March 1787

THE PEOPLE of the State of NEW YORK,

By The Grace of GOD, Free and Independent;

To William Helmes Gentleman Greeting

We repofing efpecial Truft and confidence, as well in your Patriotifm, Conduct and Loyality, as in you Valour and Readinefs to do us good and faithful Service; HAVE appointed and conftitued, and by thefe Prefents, DO appoint and conftitue you to faid William Helmes Lieutenant No.. of Captain Samuel Benjamin Nicolls Company of Light Infantry in the REgiment of Militia in the County of Suffolk whereof Silvester Dering Esquire is Lieutenant Colonel Commandant.

YOU are therefore, to take the faid Company into your Charge and Care, as -- Lieutenant -- thereof, and duly to exercife the Officers and Soldiers of that Company in Arms, who are hereby commanded to obey you as their -- Lieutenant -- and you are alfo to obferve and follow fuch Orders and Directions, as you fhall from Time to Time receive from our General and Commander in Chief of the MIlitia of our faid State, or any other your Superior Officer, according to the Rules and Difcipline of War, in Purfuance of the Truft repofed in your; and for doing, this fhall be Your Commiffion, for and during our good Pleafure, to be fignified by our Council of Appointment. IN TESTIMONY whereof, We have caufed our Seal for Military Commiffions to be hereunto affixed. WITNESS our Trusty and Well-beloved GEORGE CLINTON, Efquire, our Governor of our State of New York, General and Commander in Chielf of all the Militia, and Admiral of the Navy of the fame, by and with the Advice and Confent of our faid Council of Appointment, at our City of New York, the thirteenth Day of March in the Year of OUr LORD, One Thousand Seven Hundred and Eighty feven and in the Eleventh Year of our INDEPENDENCE.

Paffed the Secretary's Office the 15th March 1787

Robt Haspurd, Secretary.

Also countersigned in left-hand upper section of document by Geo. Clinton