PUBLIC NOTICE of SALE - Widow Elizabeth Helme - April 1800

April .... Ad 1800 We the Subscribers being Called by the parties to sel of the Widow Elisabeth (Helme) Both thirds the east room with the bedrooms with the west Chamber privileg in the Chitching (kitchen) and (one third part of the seller) and the well and one third part of the hogs pen and one third part of the Seller and the Chare house and one third part of the Crib and the privilig of the Smoch hous and the fore dove Lot as the fense now stands from thence wester to a sertin paretre Standing in the fens a bout thre rods from thence Southardly to a Stake Standing on the Bank from thence to the Psay and the Lot westward of the Barn as the fens now Stands to the west Barn dower thence Southward to A Stake. Standing in the fense and the west part of the Sow Neck runing from the west post of the South gate to the west post of the north gate and Likewise the west Bay in the barn and the privilig of thrashing On the flower and the ninth part of the mill and one thrid part of the uper neck woods at the west side runing from a Serten Stake at the South end of a serten Stake at the north end and one third part of the meadow at the north end from a serten Stakes Standing in the east Line to a Sertin pond or Stake on the west Line.....

County of Suffolk: William Tooker of the Town of Brook Haven in said County being duly (sworn) doth depose and say that on the twenty fourth Day of May Instant at the house at 4 o'clock in the afternoon at the Inn of Daniel Davis at Coram in the Town and County aforesaid in the presence of a number of persons he publicly offered and set up for sale the premises particularly mentioned and described in the printed notice which is hereunto in the margin annexed. That a number of person attended and bid at the said sale and that after he had continued to hold up the same for a considerable time in the manner usually practiced by auctioneers on the sale of land the said premises were struck off to Samuel P. Helme of said Town & County for the sum of Five Hundred & one dollar being the highest sum bid at this said sale for the same.

William Sirkin

(PRINTED NOTICE) By virtue of a ..... ........ a certain indenture of mortgage made and executed by Daniel Saxton of Brookhaven county of Suffolk and state of New York and Phoebe his wife .. Timothy Miller, executor and Sally Helme, executrix of the last will and testament of William H. Helme, late of this same place, deceased, ....... date the twentieth day of February 1817, for the purpose of securing the payment of a certain sum of money mentioned in said mortgage, together with the interest hereon--And pursuant to the statute in such case made and provided, will be sold at public auction at the Inn of Daniel Davis, at Coram in the town and county aforesaid on Saturday the 24th day of May next at two o'clock in the afternoon of the day--ALL that certain tract of land situated in Brookhaven aforesaid, it being part of lot No. 14 in the west division of Long Lots, on the south side of the country road, bounded as follows--Beginning at the north west corner of a certain fence adjoining the land of Zopher Hawkins and lands belonging to the heirs of Israel Smith, deceased; from thence running southerly by and with the lands belongings to the heirs of the said Israel Smith, decease, one mile and one half from thence running easterly fifty four rods to the land of William Longbottom; from thence running northerly by and with the land of the said William Longbottom one mile and one half mile to the lands of the said Zopher Hawkings; from thence running westerly by and with the land of said Zopher Hawkins fifty four rods to the place of Beginning, containing one hundred and sixty-two acres, be the same .... or .... withing the bounds aforesaid.

Date this 14th day of October, 1823

Timothy Miller, Executor

Sally Helme, Executrix

C. S. Woodhull, Attorney