(Vol. II Page 59)
Page 72 - Abstract
John Beswick sell to Isaac Mills a house and 4 acres of land adjoining East side of Swan Creek, and is in common near Ellis Cooks which he bought of Ellis Cook and Anthony Ludlam, price 20 pounds April 9, 1671.

Witness Thomas Helme Samiel Mills

(Vol. V)
Page 83 - Historical Documents
Whereas by act of the General Assembly there is ye sum of 466 pounds 16 s layed as ye quota or proportion of Suffolk Count of ye tax 2793 [pieces] of 8...........

For ye better assessing whereof It was ordered by ye Justices of ye Peace convened with the Chiefe Justice July ye 21 1696..............

Per order Thomas Helme, Clerk

Note: The "pieces of 8" was the Spanish dollar, valued at 8 schillings.

(Vol. VI - Page 17)
Edward Howell sells to William Herrick and Joseph Howell several parcels of medow to him.........Dated April 2 in the 8th year of the Reigne of King William III Annoque Domini 1696
Witness Robert Patton, Thomas Helme

(Vol. VI - Page 657)
William Smith of the Manor of St. George confirms to the Trustees of the Town of Southampton "all that piece of meadow that lieth on the north side of the Sound Beach .....June 19, 1693
wit Richard Smith, Matthw Howell, Thomas Helme