I, Hannah H. Woodhull of Miller Place LI do hereby make and publish this my last will and testament as follows:

First_I will and direct that all my furneral expenses and just debts be paid.

Second_I give to my Nephew Timothy H. Helme the sum of two thousand dollars.

Third_I give to my Nephew George P. Helme the sum of two thousand dollars.

Fourth_I give to my niece Louisa A. Helme the sum of fifteen hundred dollars.

Fifth_I give to my late husband's Nephew Charles N. Woodhull the sum of one thousand dollars.

Sixth_I give to Mary Ann Platt the sum of five hundred dollars.

Seventh_I give to Merritt S. Woodhull the sum of five hundred dollars upon condition that the interest and income thereof shall be paid by him or his legal representatives annually to his mother Polly Woodhull during her natural life.

Eighth_I give my household good and furniture together with all my silver ware to my nephews and niece, George P. Helme, Timothy H. Helme and Louisa A. Helme to be equally divided between them.

Ninth_I give all my wearing apparel and personal.......